Deactivation ShuntsDeactivation Shunts

When aftermarket equipment must be permanently installed or mounted within an airbag’s deployment zone and requires that the airbag be removed, an airbag deactivation shunt is the perfect solution. Once the airbag is permanently removed, AOI’s Deactivation Shunts provide a safe and effective bridge within the airbag circuit to allow it to function normally.

Why Use an AOI Airbag Shunt

Pro-gard AOI Airbag Shunts can provide safety and peace of mind for the installer and vehicle operator/ passengers from propelled equipment or personal injury in the event of a crash.
Mounted equipment in an airbag deployment zone puts vehicle occupants at risk. The shunt can eliminate the possibility of aftermarket equipment, located in the airbag’s deployment zone, from being forced into the direction of the seat’s occupant, in the event of an impact. Controlling airbag deployment also protects expensive equipment from destruction while freeing up space for extra mounted equipment. All Pro-gard/AOI airbag shunts meet NHTSA requirements.

Mobility Applications

Due to the ever-changing modifications made in mobility equipment applications, the removal of airbags for mounting equipment in airbag deployment zones is becoming more frequent. Pro-gard’s AOI airbag deactivation shunts are ideal for modifications that include the removal of any airbag in the vehicle while keeping the rest of the airbag system functioning normally. Some of these modifications include: hand control installations over the knee airbag, seat removal with side impact airbags, reduced diameter steering, replacement steering wheel installation, assist handle installation, etc.

Additional Features:

  • Wired “In-line” for easy disconnection if vehicle is restored to OEM equipment and airbags are re-installed
  • Designed for any airbag application
  • Closes airbag circuit when airbag must be removed
  • Easy to install