No, NMEDA and NHTSA have worked together to speed up the process of modifying vehicles with adaptive equipment. There are only a few cases now that require this request form. Read more.
This feature eliminates the question of switch position at the time of impact. The fuse’s condition provides “proof positive” of the status of the airbag switch during a collision. This feature offers the same protection that all new car manufacturers build into their factory installed air bag switches.
If you have been or are diagnosed with the following conditions: Drivers: Scoliosis or Achondroplasia Passengers: Down Syndrome, Scoliosis or Atlantoaxial Instability your doctor can provide a written statement for the installation of an Air bag on/off Switch. Read more.
The first step is to obtain authorization from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA). To obtain the authorization, simply download the Request for Air bag On/Off Switch form, check your cause, and send it to the address provided. NHTSA will then send your authorization to you.
Pro-gard Products, LLC/AOI Electrical, LLC does not sell direct. Our products must be purchased through one of our distributors. You can search our dealer locator for installers in your area. Find Installers.
You can search our dealer locator for installers in your area. Find Installers or by calling us at 800.480.6680.
Yes, our switch can be installed for the passenger air bag to safely place a child seat in the front. When you are not transporting a child seat in the front, you just switch the air bag back to the “ON Position” for full functionality. Read more.
Yes, in the event that your truck does not come with a factory on/off switch in the dash, AOI provides the same optional air bag switch for the passenger side of the vehicle. Read more.
The general rule for air bag safety is to be at least 10 inches away from the active air bag in normal driving seating position. If you or someone you know is sitting within 10 inches of an active air bag, the risk of injury or fatality during a collision is heightened greatly. This is true even in minor, low speed collisions. Read more.
AOI provides the option of a Remote Airbag Status Light (RASL) that mounts in the upper corner of the windshield. This allows the switch to be installed out of sight while still following the NHTSA requirement of an indicator light for the “OFF Position” of the air bag.
Once you have the NHTSA authorization for an airbag On/off control switch, your insurance should not be effected.
Pro-gard Products realizes that having an air bag control switch installed is a decision that can only be made by the vehicle owner. We stress the importance of seatbelt safety and following your local laws regarding vehicle safety. Persons in any of the risk groups categorized by the NHTSA should consider both the importance of having an air bag and an air bag on/off switch.